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By 1999, with his endorsements and investments, his wealth was estimated at as much as 0 million and he was described as the first billion dollar athlete ‘It was my father’s early treatment of him and Daddy’s declaration of his worthlessness that became the driving force that motivated him’, Michael’s sister Deloris, nicknamed Sis, recalls.

‘Each accomplishment was his battle cry for defeating my father’s negative opinions of him’.

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He's got game: Chicago Bulls player Michael Jordan was the undisputed king of the court.

This setback was deeply disappointing and ignited an obsession to grow taller.

Attempting to alleviate the boy’s anxiety, his mother told him to put salt in his shoes and pray for a growth spurt.

Later that same year, when a girl at school called Michael a 'n****r,' 'I threw a soda at her', he states. I considered myself a racist at the time’, said Jordan. She made him sit in her car while she worked in the bank so she could watch him.

She lectured to him over and over that ‘it would be easy to hate people for the rest of your life…


  1. Michael Jordan's daughter, Jasmine Jordan, has grown up to become a beautiful 22-year-old college graduate right underneath the public's unsuspecting noses.

  2. Yes, Michael Jordan was definitely the hero in Space Jam, saving the Looney Toons from those fatheaded aliens who were trying to abduct them.we can't forget about another very important character from our favorite '90s movie. Jordan's daughter in the film, Jasmine, who was played by Penny Bae.

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  4. During the Met Gala in May, romance rumors went wild when Kendall Jenner was spotted leaving a party with Michael B. Jordan. Though "sources" immediately denied any sort of relationship, people couldn't help but wonder what was going on between the two—and some even got a little upset over it. In.

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