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Validating parser xml

Document Type Definitions (DTDs) are supported, but only for entity expansion and defaults for attributes, not for document validation.

XML can be used as a format for storing documents, such as Microsoft Office Word documents.Web technologies can use XML to send data between the Web server and the client's Web browser.Database servers can return the data from queries in XML for further processing by other applications.Therefore, Xml Lite is most appropriate in the second of the two scenarios.Xml Lite enables developers to write efficient (fast) code to read and write XML documents. NET, or other languages that use the common language runtime (CLR), it is more appropriate to use one of the parsers in System. Some developers want a deployment scenario where it is not required that the Microsoft .Because it is such a flexible format, XML can be used in a vast variety of scenarios.Usage scenarios can be generally divided into two categories: The focus of Xml Lite is on performance. With such an avalanche of queries, you'd think our priority would be to answer as many as possible.Let's start with one of the most basic facts about using parsers: Unless you happen to be developing XML-processing software, you can pretty much forget about this question. But it's not really a question to concern yourself with if you're just interested in browsing XML, editing it, or creating style sheets.This ends up as a kind of family-tree structure in the application's memory (tree structures are a common way for programs to store related data).As well as built-in parsers, there are also stand-alone parser-validators (see Bill Rayer’s tip), which read an XML file and tell you if they find an error (like missing angle-brackets or quotes, or misplaced markup).


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