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Updating shared library

It will take more than six hours for the planet to complete the trip.

(MUSIC) JUNE SIMMS: Venus is the second planet from the sun and the closest planet to Earth.

Venus and the planet Mercury are called inferior planets because they are closer to the sun than the Earth.

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But, for Venus it’s so much further away and therefore it appears to be smaller.” From Earth, Venus will appear as a small black dot as it slowly moves from one edge of the sun to the other.

The planet is said to have been named for her because it shone brighter than all the planets known to ancient astronomers.

In fact, people once believed Venus to be two different stars, with one appearing at sunset and the other at sunrise.

NASA’s Jim Green says it is even hot enough to melt lead.

Although Mercury is closer to the sun, the thick atmosphere on Venus traps more of the sun’s heat.


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