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subscription_type can be pull to create a named pull subscription that is known to the Publisher.For more information, see Subscribing to Publications.When you scale an OLEobject block, the text within the block is also scaled.When the dimensions of the OLEobject block are much larger than the text, you can adjust the size of the block by cropping its sides.This stored procedure is executed at the Publisher on the publication database.

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If the Publisher and Subscriber are not connected, data modifications made at the Subscriber can be stored in a queue until the Subscriber and Publisher are reconnected.

To access general information about an embedded object You can display the size and location of the embedded object.

You can resize an OLEobject block by scaling or cropping it.

Note Anonymous subscriptions do not need to use this stored procedure.

[@update_mode = ] 'update_mode' Is the type of update.


  1. Rational Rose is the World and model updating features that and drive Rose from its OLEautomation server interface. Rose's proven compatibility with

  2. Resolves vulnerabilities in Windows that could allow remote code execution if Windows OLE fails to properly validate user input. An attacker could exploit the.

  3. The OLEobject block lets you embed existing objects from files or insert new blankobjects and create Embedding makes editing and updating the object quick

  4. Oracle® Provider for OLE DB Developer's Guide 10g Release 1 10.1 Part NumberB10115-01

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  6. Enables support for immediate updating For an ODBC/OLE DB Subscriber, sp_addsubscriptionwill fail if an attempt is made to subscribe to a publication

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