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I'm still having issues with WSUS but I don't think it is related to my setup on the server or GPO's..thing I have noticed over the last year of being at my present job was that whenever we did manual updates we had to run a script first called "Set Service Object Security. It seems like I cannot get my machine or any other PC on our network to update unless I run this script and then go in and manually start the Windows Update service and the BITS service.

I apologize for not remembering to mention this as its been a long time since I tried to update something manually and when I was messing around with mine yesterday, I remembered having to run this script which I've posted below. Is there something I can set on our system so I don't have to run it?

If you build a brand new desktop from CD does this happen? If not then could be something on your desktops running this at startup or in your build process not using a install cd like Ghost, RIS or Altiris.

You can then see the list of computers this is set for and should show: Status of: Failed Not Installed Downloaded If you are getting the GPO settings in that area then here is how you fix 99% of all wsus updating issues.

------------------------------- Click START, Choose Run In the Run box, type "services.msc" (without the quotes) Click OK Right click the Automatic Updates service, Click stop. Or net stop wuauserv Rename the "Software Distribution" folder : a.

Ok so this is your wsus server Here is what I would look more into: wuauserv is disabled open Go to "Automatic Updates" make sure it is set to Automatic and STARTED. It is set to Automatic and Started on the server...please note that the log file I posted above was from a client and not the WSUS server.

Here's my most recent log entries after trying your first suggestions: wuauserv is disabled This is not supposed to be done on the SERVER but on the Client where you pulled this log from.


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