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And that is, unless you take precautions such as hiding your real IP address using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or using a third party service such as Boxopus to download it for you, once the connection has been established, your Internet address has been identified and logged.The anti P2P organization then has your IP address, and I’m sure you’ve all read about what can happen after that…Luckily there are a few ways you can get round this and almost completely stop anti P2P organizations, Government organizations, or law enforcement agencies from connecting to your torrents!Sometimes it happens that users send, intentionally or without knowing, corrupted data.This may prevent a file from completing properly or the file being totally corrupted. The IP-Ranges to filter are stored in a file named which is saved in e Mule's install folder.There is still an easy way to get a blacklist by downloading and installing IPFilter Updater.This little tool will download the required file and put it into the correct location ( Preferences or Ctrl P), and click on Advanced.This guide will show you how to use a program called Blocklist Manager to retrieve and compile a list of all unwanted IPs, then use u Torrent’s built-in blocking feature to block them.Don’t worry about the length of the procedure, most of these steps only have to be performed once.

IP Filter Tools In the The IP-filterlists are NOT maintained by emule-project.e Mule will not connect to any IP in this range, neither for uploading nor downloading data.Warning: The example above will block any connection to the specified IP-range.To do this, download the updated IP lists and export them by repeating Step 7 and Step 10 above, then restart u Torrent to load the new list.Even when you just mention the word “Torrent” these days, it’s automatically associated with piracy and downloading music or movies.The amount of wasted data could run into tens or even hundreds of Megabytes per torrent and taking your files much longer to complete the download.There is another and more serious downside in being connected to one of these fake peers.If you don’t have a logger tab, right click on the tabs area and select “Logger”.Note: It’s advisable to run the IPFilter Updater tool at regular intervals (once a week or so) to keep your blacklist up to date, because new addresses will be included when found and this could mean the difference being safe and getting into trouble!It should be noted that while blocking IPs can help hide your Bit Torrent usage, it is not perfect and the absolute best method for staying safe is to avoid downloading copyrighted material.It is very important to update your file regularly to get the most recent block lists.


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