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He is the one who is always there, the one that catches her when she falls.Lukas said in an interview that Volodja are a shape of Jesus in the end you will understand.The time that pass from the beginning to the end is the time the director Lukas Moodysson have to convince you that the reality is not as good as you may think, or maybe you already know, all to well.The reality of leading character Lilja becomes slowly a part of your reality.

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Though the movie is fictional and not about her, many of the memorable things that are happening to Lilja in the movie did happen to Dangoule Rasalaite from Latvia between the 17th September 1999 and the 10th January 2000. Their acting against each other is moving, it is a special chemistry between them.

Lukas has the gift of finding the right persons for the characters in all is movies, and Lilja 4-ever is not an exception.

Last Monday Lilja forever won 5 out of 6 gold beagles (the most important Swedish film award) it was nominated to (Artiom was also nominated for best performance by an actor).

) and you don't need to imagine to feel the pain she have inside.

The one that will become more close to her than anyone else is the street kid and male leading character Volodja act by the 12 year old Artiom Bogutjarskij (his first movie).


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