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This was for two reasons; one, telecommunication companies limited the number of characters per SMS, and also charged the user per SMS sent.

Any word may be shortened (for example, "text" to "txt"). Researcher Mohammad Shirali-Shahreza (2007) further observes that mobile phone producers offer support "of local language of the country" within which their phone sets are to be distributed.not using Latin alphabets) following for instance, the even more limited message lengths involved when using for example, Cyrillic or Greek letters.of the English language following its use and incorporation into non-English linguistic contexts.Three features of early mobile phone messaging encouraged users to use abbreviations: It also shares some of these characteristics with Internet slang and Telex speak following from how its evolution is rather symbiotic to the evolution of use of shorthand in Internet chat rooms.Likewise, such a change sought to accommodate the small number of characters allowed per message, and to increase convenience for the time-consuming and often small keyboards on mobile phones.In many countries, people now have access to unlimited text options in their monthly plan, although this varies widely from country to country, and operator to operator.However, screens are still small and the input problem persists, so SMS language is still widely used for brevity.Two, typing on a phone is normally slower than with a keyboard, and capitalization is even slower.As a result, punctuation, grammar, and capitalization are largely ignored.Words can also be combined with numbers to make them shorter (for example, "later" to "l8r"), using the numeral "8" for its homophonic quality. The child's speech (in full French spelling, "Mais c'est vrai! Nevertheless, various factors contribute as additional constraints to the use of non-English languages and scripts in SMS.This motivates the anglicization of such languages, especially those using non-Latin orthographies (i.e.


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