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Sccm 2016 software inventory not updating Sa milf cellphone number

Before we go into the report ,i wanted to tell you how the logic build for this report to give final status if the client is compliant=Yes or No in one line.If Count of Required Patches =0 and Count of Deployed(Approved) Patches=0 Then PC is Complaint If Count of Required Patches! =0 then PC is Non-Complaint If Count of Required Patches!I have not made any custom filtering on the required count ,i just bring all the updates what client requested for.If you want to exclude the updates that are not deployed by your organisation ,you can edit the report for custom changes.

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I was making a query to find machines running Windows XP with Service Pack 3, and it only reported back 4 or 5 clients, even though I knew that a lot more had the service pack installed.You may wonder on the 3rd logic, how come the count of required patches!=0 and count of deployed(approved) patches=0 makes the client become compliant?so you only need to worry about the approved(deployed) count and made sure if always 0 to get your client PC compliant.If there are any updates requested by client and some of them are approved and if they appear in report ,client will become non-compliant. if you still have questions,please report them via comments section .Well,the count of required patches will surely be lot based on what update classification and products you have choose in SUP properties and not all organisations will deploy everything what you see in SCCM.Some organisations will only deploy critical ,security with severity critical and important and ignore low and medium severity based on the requirements from security team.A PC might have 100 software updates deployed and these software updates coming through multiple software update will be really challenging to find if PC is compliant for all the Deployed patches unless you have only one software update group.Report 2) will give you list of all updates with targeted (approved) ,missing and installed but to tell if the PC is compliant for all the patches you see in the report takes time for you to filter the missing/required column and compare it with targeted patch.So my primary filter (where condition ) used here is to check if status=2 means required/missing from V_update Compliancestatus.Based on this criteria, I have calculated the total number of patches deployed to the PC and how many are still needed by the PC.


  1. In SCCM 2012 r2 I'm running the "Compliance 1. Popular Topics in Software Deployment & Patching. Hardware inventory. Software inventory.

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