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Package keywords needs updating

•Exploited and produced U-2 and Global Hawk imagery in support of the Global War on Terrorism. •Produced CCD, 2CMV, and DI MASINT imagery using Case Exec and DICE.

•Conducted target research using EAC, IPLs, NES, NGA Keys, Intelink, and Luber Links.

It uses the Syntax Highlighter Java Script package by Alex Gorbatchev. For a list of supported languages (most widely used languages are supported), see the Word support document.To upgrade from a previous version of this plugin, delete the entire folder and files from the previous version of the plugin and then follow the installation instructions below.Extract all files from the ZIP file, making sure to keep the file/folder structure intact, and then upload it to .- Facilitated multi-team participation on OBP analysis efforts and provided analytical guidance on data requirements and best practices for a wide variety of skillsets.- Co-authored papers and briefs documenting methodologies and lessons-learned during pilot surge programs.Attending software capabilities training and demonstrations directly influencing DCGS-Army/ DECGS program of record selection.TCPED, TAC ID, VISRECCE, SAR AGI, TERCAT, GMTI, LIDAR, DECGS, demonstrated, supervised, assisted, critiqued, limitations, national, theater, platforms, SAR, industries, infrastructure, LOCs, CCD, DI, Imagery Analysis, Geospatial Intelligence, Intelligence Analysis, Object Based Production, Advanced Analytics, Structured Observation..., Activity Based..., Outreach, GIS, Discovery, Service Enablement, Arc GIS, Do D, Li DAR, Air Force, Briefing, FMV, MASINT, Socet Set, Databases, MSI, Training, Remote View, Spectral Analysis, HSI, Dissemination, Reporting & Analysis, Stereo, Metadata, Defense, GEOINT, AGI, IR, EO, Database Research, SOCET, Exploitation, Targeting, BDA, CGS, DGS, NGA, Content Management, Military, Intelligence Community, Publishing, Standards Compliance, Army, National Security -Produced orthorectified, radiometrically balanced, NGA certified Controlled Image Base (CIB) using Socet Set, Erdas Imagine, Geo Worx, Arc GIS, Adobe Illustrator, Insight, and Falcon View.-Quality Checked, Edited, and Disseminated team imagery products and reports through the use of TMAN, ISSE Guard, and Unicorn.-Trained Non-Commissioned Officers and Airmen on all mission positions and responsibilities.•Presentation of a professional intelligence briefing. •Capabilities, limitations, and characteristics of commercial, national, theater, and tactical level systems, platforms, and sensors; and their role in the TCPED process.•Theoretical principles and exploitation methods of TIR, SAR, and MSI.


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