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Mpep updating best mode

Of those 30, I also found a handful who are no longer at the Finnegan firm but have not updated their address information to reflect their new firm.

I singled-out Finnegan here simply because they employ more US patent practitioners than any other law firm. 2 on that list (Fish & Richardson) does not appear to do a better job of managing its attorney rolls.

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These Guidelines do not constitute substantive rulemaking and hence do not have the force and effect of law.

Although certainly not evidence, an attorney's failure to provide this information is at least minimally suggestive of a desire to keep the various regulatory bodies from talking with one another about particular persons of interest.

In reality, the failure to switch from agent to attorney is likely only an oversight in the vast majority of situations.

Outside of my own navel, the issue is important for several reasons – especially as the PTO moves to align its ethics rules with those of the various state bar associations.

registered practitioner who is an attorney in good standing with the bar of the highest court of one or more States shall provide the OED Director [William Covey] with the State bar identification number associated with each membership." The USPTO relies heavily on state bar association ethics rulings regarding individual practitioners in its own OED decisions.


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