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Mexican fender guitar dating

The album pre-sale campaign and publicity are in train, the first single elected, a website re-design nearly complete, and every day many and various prayers emanate from the faded Tibetan flags strung up to keep the younger chickens from literally flying the coop, though fair to say these are mostly chicken prayers related to weather, red-tailed hawks, coyotes, and bugs.This letter then is boilerplate, detail, need-to-know.is a hard sell in the local papers, so if you would send a note to your favorite Tennessean, or even Kentuckian, we would appreciate this gesture. VERMONT - By early May I'll be back in the Connecticut river valley performing at The Stone Church in Brattleboro (5/4), with my old friend and fishing buddy Zak Trojano opening the show.Zak is a great songwriter and guitar player, and he ties his own flies.By my reckoning the sun should be setting every night just around the time we finish the show.TEXAS - From Alaska we'll fly 4,000 miles south to play the Backstage at El Mercado (5/16) Mc Gonigel's Mucky Duck in Houston (5/17), The Guitar Sanctuary in Mc Kinney (5/18), and Comfort Concerts in Comfort, TX (5/19).There will be another, longer letter announcing the new album and all appurtenances appertaining thereto in the next few weeks.NEW YORK - April 5th I'll try once again to drive over the Berkshires and perform at the Cock'n'Bull Restaurant in Galway, NY, something I had every intention of doing in early March but had to postpone thanks to one of a succession of spring snowstorms.

MIDWEST / BLOOD BROTHERS - The new album will be released early this summer, with a full band tour of the upper Midwest beginning at the Shitty Barn in Spring Green, WI (6/13), before moving through the Cavalier Theater in La Crosse, WI (6/14) The Mill in Iowa City (6/15), the Colectivo back room in Milwaukee, WI (6/16), and City Winery Chicago (6/17).If you want to see four pale, decidedly northern men sweating obscenely in the southern heat, this is your chance.ALASKA - Billy and I will tour AK for a few days in May, as the light gets longer and the season gently turns from suicide to homicide. Seward, Eagle River, Palmer, and Anchorage, the usual suspects. TEXAS - From AK it looks likely that we'll fly straight down to TX and see if it's hotter than Georgia.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.I holed up most of March, lashed heroically to the desk and chasing various details related to the release of my forthcoming album, as it snowed, and then snowed again.Sure enough our room was at the dark end of the hall, no particular distinction in an old hotel trimmed in wood paneling.In the morning I sat at the bar that shares a point of egress with the dining room full of natural light and chiaroscuro tile, watching the uniformed wait-staff skirmish over a disagreement in the table assignments. One waiter made the mistake of posting a photo of the unbussed table to Snapchat, and sent it around to the others.Then it's the Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis (6/21), and - proving Twain's dictum that history does not repeat itself but it rhymes - Des Moines, IA, at the Des Moines Arts Festival (6/22).Our friends Dusty Heart from Minneapolis open the Midwest tour, supporting their fantastic new record. Thanks, - JF We stayed at the Hotel Boulderado, because the club had a rate, and because of the John Prine song that mentions it.I've toured Alaska five or six times and always found it lovely, and various, in any weather.I once helped to haul a quartered moose by plastic sled through 30 yards of waist-deep snow, and later crashed a dog sled, on the same trip.


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