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Lisa montes yale teen dating violence

The native women and girls wore the Naguas without a top.

They were representative of each woman's status, the longer the skirt, the higher the woman's status.

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High ranking government and military officials also settled the island and made Puerto Rico their home.Women did not dedicate themselves solely to cooking and the art of motherhood; many were also talented artists and made pots, grills, and griddles from river clay by rolling the clay into rope and then layering it to form or shape.Taíno women also carved drawings (petroglyphs) into stone or wood.During the period of industrialization of the 1950s, many women in Puerto Rico found employment in the needle industry, working as seamstresses in garment factories.Many Puerto Rican families also migrated to the United States in the 1950s.However, there were many women who were already active participants in the labor movement and in the agricultural economy of the island.After Puerto Rico was ceded to the United States in 1898 as a result of the Spanish–American War, women once again played an integral role in Puerto Rican society by contributing to the establishment of the University of Puerto Rico, women's suffrage, women's rights, civil rights, and to the military of the United States.In the early part of the 19th Century the women in Puerto Rico were Spanish subjects and had little individual rights.Those who belonged to the upper class of the Spanish ruling society had better educational oppuertunities then those who did not.The Spaniards took advantage of the Taínos' good faith and enslaved them, forcing them to work in the gold mines and in the construction of forts.Many Taínos died as a result either of the cruel treatment that they had received or of smallpox, which became epidemic on the island.


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