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Lauren pope dating website elite dating software

"It’s a running joke on the show that he’s punching [above his weight] massively by dating Lauren and that’s really got inside his head.

"He knows she wants to settle down and I’m not sure if that’s what he wants either – he loves partying." The source revealed to the website that DJ Lauren is "really upset" that Jon feels the way he does, while Jon is said to be "totally gutted" that the relationship is over.

Lauren’s TOWIE co-star and arch enemy of Kirk, Maria Fowler, explained: ‘I’m going to get her on some dating sites.

‘She’s starting to hate Kirk now, which is a good emotion to have.

He’s trying really hard to change, but doesn’t feel like he’s good enough for her.

The fitness fanatic, 34, looked typically glamorous in a saucy lace leotard and white flares as she arrived at the Mosaic Club with her pal, 29, to shoot more dramatic scenes for the new series.

Lauren Pope headed for a nightclub in Marbella this week alongside Mario Falcone to film scenes for The Only Way Is Essex after both returning for this series.

The stunner then revealed that she was hoping there hadn't been any messages since following the lovebirds rekindling things.

But Jon reportedly didn't take too well to Mario's behaviour as Mario posted, in a now deleted tweet: "Have I been a ‘f**king snake’ or a ‘slippery c***' on this evenings Towie?


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