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As a matter of fact Prince Jackson and his GF Niki Berger have been dating since March, 2011 like him Niki is also 15, they are classmates at The Buckley School, in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles.

Lexi Wood Lexi Wood is a young and stunning model who is grabbing headlines for allegedly being the new lady love of none other than, Brooklyn Beckham.

While Remi has royal connections, she was raised in the US.

It is not known how long she and Prince have been dating, but Prince was linked to fellow teenage student Niki Berger as recently as February.

Buckley School counts Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie among it's alumni. "I used to study his movies with my dad, put the volume off and just watch it, just the shots to see how he put it together." As well as his broadcasting slot, the star also appeared in the finale of "I seem more mature than my years all thanks to my dad," he said.

Prince, 16, is also keen to carve out a career in the entertainment industry. The Jackson family have lodged a lawsuit against Michael's physician Dr.

Los primeros amores son los más inocentes y también los que no se olvidan aunque pase el tiempo.

Prince Michael, hijo mayor de Michael Jackson, vive una adolescencia de lo más normal posible, dentro de sus circunstancias, y está en este momento de ilusión y emoción que provoca el empezar a salir.

Se mêlant à la foule sans la moindre difficulté, ils ont pu apprécier les nombreux manèges et les célèbres montagnes russes et grands-huits que renferme le parc.El pequeño de la casa de momento es muy joven para tener claro su futuro, aunque ya empieza a demostrar su estilo dejándose el pelo muy largo.Prince, Paris et Blanket, les enfants du défunt Michael Jackson respectivement âgés de 14, 13 et 9 ans, ont été photographiés, il y a quelques jours, passant une après-midi de folie au parc d'attractions californien Magic Mountain de la chaîne Six Flags, situé à Valencia, près de Los Angeles.The young couple, who both attend Buckley School in Shermon Oaks, California, have been spotted on a string of dates.Michael Jackson's eldest son has taken Remi for a romantic meal, to a Rolling Stones concert, and on trips to a bowling alley and go-kart racing track.Murray, who was hired by the artist's record label AEG in a bid to recover the star’s ailing health during his world tour.Sharon Osbourne has confirmed that she will testify at the trial, claiming that the record label prioritised ticket sales over the star's health stuggles.Con ella se le ha visto paseando por las calles de Los Ángeles, él de lo más cariñoso, le rodeaba los hombros con el brazo, y en el cine con un grupo de amigos.Además de dedicarle tiempo a sus amistades, Prince también disfruta de sus clases de interpretación junto a sus hermanos y es que los tres parecen haber heredado el interés por lo artístico.Lexi who was recently photographed in a compromising manner with Beckham is certainly no … Prince Michael Jackson has found love with Remi Alfalah, a member of the Kuwaiti royal family.


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