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Ibanez ts 9 dating

v vampire bats let loose by Communist spies in the American West, defeated by patriotic American cowboys and Old West ghosts.

29 (March 1952.) "Invasion of the Ghost Monsters.” 9p.

105 (June/July 1967.) "The Crawling Creature of Creepmore Castle!

1967.) "Badger's Baby Brother— Beastley." 23p.

Series reprinted as tpb.: The Complete Bojeffries Saga (1992.) A1 Special: Book 1: Volume 1.

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A woman who poses as a vampire in order to murder her husband is undone by a real vampire v John Ashby [rpt. 4 (June 1951.) "Vampire Brats” by Allen Bellman 4p. in Crypt of Shadows #11 (1974.)] Cover says: "Spawn of the Vampire! v Unnamed (brother of the main character, Lyra.) ** no. v Unnamed, Phil Jones (the latter, unjusty accused of being the vampire, ends up acting as one.) ** no. v various undead vampires and Tom Malverne, aka Jack the Ripper, a candidate to unlife who fails the test to become a vampire and is killed by the undead. 1987.) "The Ghost of Superman" by John Byrne & Keith Williams. v Silver Banshee (aka Siobhan Mc Dougal), a vampire that by drawing on your fears, sucks the life out of you. 1991.) Part 6 "Secrets in the Night" by Roger Stern & Bob Mc Leod. v The Hyena (a vampire-like creature who survives by “absorbing” the dead.) ** no. v Plant described as “a vampire plant” (it hypnotizes and drains victims.) ** no. 1 (1991.) "The Devil’s Lies" by Joe Gill and Tom Sutton. in Famous Monsters of Filmland #29 (1964; ) Super DC Giant #S-19 (1970.)] Cover: Bob Oksner.


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