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Gay dating show room raiders

The cameras were there but we generally just forgot they were there. At a point we really just forgot they were there and I really got to connect with the guys.

That and obviously gay men have received a bad reputation for sexual racism and body shaming and things of that nature. Reality as a whole gets a bad name for itself because some people just don’t get it.

But I also didn’t want to steer him in any direction because there were certain things that I knew were going on in the house that I didn’t want him to know because I wanted him to really follow his heart and let the guys in the house create their own journey with him. He didn’t give me advice on stuff going on in the house that I didn’t see. But it was a nice little break for me to put the phone down, not check Instagram, not be on Twitter, not be on email.

He saw things that I wasn’t allowed to see actually until I watch the show. There were so many times I was screaming, “No, don’t pick him.” I was a fan of this show, going through it. RSJ: For the first few days, it was hard not to have our phones. It really gave me and the contestants the opportunity to focus on each other. We were focusing on who we were as people, as individuals, talking about past relationships, childhood, going through changes.

A contestant must search the contents of three suitors’ bedrooms and then choose one of them to date based solely on said contents.

As is expected of any project that involves gay men, the show was immediately met with scrutiny and judgment.


  1. The best dating reality shows offer viewers the unique. if you know of a reality dating show that's. Jesse Wolter Room Raiders is a "dating/reality.

  2. Reality TV Forgotten Reality Dating Shows That Give The Bachelor A Run For. MTV's Room Raiders ran from 2003 til. the show would also feature gay men and.

  3. Is anyone watching room raiders on. I think what the media needs to show is more gay men who. what's your favorite dating show, "NEXT", "ROOM RAIDERS.

  4. This show was such a mess. This show was amazing. This and Room Raiders were some of my favorite shows of that time lmao

  5. Parental Control is a scripted show about people looking. The show, much like other MTV dating. to make more room for new seasons of Made, Room Raiders.

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