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Such classifications make a difference; the wording used in a final judgment can have significant impact on the severity of a defendant’s sentence.

While not all crimes warrant the expense of a criminal lawyer, in general, most criminal charges are best handled by an attorney.

An experienced criminal attorney is familiar with court procedures and will recognize possible defenses based on the particular facts of a criminal case.

If two criminals – a drug dealer and a sex offender – receive the same sentence on the same date, the drug dealer is more likely to be paroled at an earlier date because his offense alone is not classified as violent.This can happen when there is not enough evidence for a conviction or when there is enough evidence to support a good defense.For example, if a criminal defendant engaged in consensual sex with a teenage girl, resulting in statutory rape charges, some states will allow a defendant to claim an affirmative defense if the defendant is not more than 3 years older than the victim. For someone who has been charged with a crime, whether a DUI, assault, or a property crime like embezzlement or petty theft, worries about jail time and possible punishments and penalties may be just the beginning.Criminal charges are serious, and even with a first offense, a person charged with a crime may be facing consequences that can affect their life – permanently.However, if the offense is deemed a felony and a violent offense, the violent nature of the offense will likely enhance how a sentence is computed or served.For example, if a criminal defendant is prosecuted federally, the violent nature of the offense will “add points” to their sentence, which means they will be serving a longer sentence.Kentucky basketball college basketball - espn college basketball kentucky wildcats team page provided last game - monday apr 2, 2012 western kentucky hilltoppers -26 5 : 136.Kentucky wildcats football tickets football event tickets online all of you can watch here please don t miss this game watch i western kentucky hilltoppers vs watch i cowboys vs wildcats live online ncaa.Drunk driving, for example, can lead to sentences of up to ten or more years for second, third and subsequent offenses.Even first drunk driving offenses can lead to mandatory minimum jail sentences of 30-90 days.


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