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Wiccan and Cloak were both shot with tranquilizer darts and rendered unconscious.This attack on two of his youngest followers infuriated Captain America.

The pair searched through Genosha and Wundagore in Transia before finally encountering Master Pandemonium in Cresskill, New Jersey at a former residence of the Scarlet Witch and the Vision.

Once while sitting in front of Avengers Mansion, he briefly met the Scarlet Witch, his favorite Avenger.

She gave him some words of encouragement and told him that he "could take care of himself".

To locate reinforcements, the Vision, recommended using the Avengers Fail-Safe Program, which was the same program Iron Lad had used to locate the original Young Avengers. The two teams were later attacked by Marvel Boy, who captured Wiccan, Karolina, and Hulkling, and almost killed Xavin.

The team went to a high security detention facility for superpowered juvenile offenders to locate him. The young heroes became the prisoners of the Warden, who proceeded to practice vivisection on the unconscious Teddy.


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