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Taped auditions are a piece of cake once you get the hang of them because you can give yourself as many takes as you need.For someone like me who’s a bit of a perfectionist, it becomes sort of an issue because no matter how good the take might be I’ll always say, “Let’s do one more just in case.” since Skype auditions are live, you have to be great from the moment your face lights up the screen because you won’t have a second chance to film it.Sometimes people’s energy level sinks over Skype and therefore affects their audition/interview.They have to record their side of the Skype because they will then send us a link of the recording.

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From That 70s Show to 3rd Rock From The Sun, Tara‐Anne’s resume currently spans all genres of film and television, including scripted comedies, feature films, commercials, reality television, celebrity booking, and nationwide searches for new musical talent.If it is done during the evening, I would get a desk lamp (or two) and just line them up a few feet away, in about a 45 degree angle, with the light facing in my direction.If you don’t have anyone helping you, you can always do a little test by filming it or snapping a photo to see how it looks.Upon graduation, she has become bicoastal traveling between New York City and Los Angeles to work on upcoming projects, pilots and films.Recent work includes a co-star role in In my opinion, Skype auditioning is bitter/sweet.But what does it take to present yourself in the best light, with only one take, because your audition is live?To help actors learn more about this new form of auditioning, NYCastings sought advice from a casting director who uses this technology all the time – as well as from working actors who have Skyped and lived to tell about it. The free online service that lets you video chat with your friends across countries is now being used by entertainment casting companies.The basics of these auditions are simple enough – you dial up via Skype and use your webcam as the capture device.On one hand, I think it gives actors a great opportunity to audition for a project even if they aren’t in town (or even in the country).But on the other hand, it becomes a far more impersonal experience and you lose that instantaneous connection you typically have when you read live with casting directors present in the room.


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