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Eventually, they ran into Grover, a satyr, who took them to camp, but took some wrong turns on the way.

One of these was into a Cyclops lair, and everyone but Annabeth was captured.

Chase (step-mother), Joe Chase (Twin Brother), Matthew Chase (paternal half-brother), Bobby Chase (paternal half-brother), Malcolm (maternal half-brother)Daedalus (maternal half-brother) Status Alive Eye Color Gray Hair Color Dark Brown Height 5'9" Other Affiliation Olympians Weapons Annabeth's Yankees cap (enables invisibility)Annabeth's Knife Species Demigod Home San Francisco/Camp Half-Blood Greek/Roman form None Appearances The Lightning Thief (Film) The Sea of Monsters The Titan's Curse The Battle of the Labyrinth The Demigod Files The Last Olympian The Lost Hero Actor Alexandra Daddario Quests Quest for the Master Bolt(film) Quest for the Golden Fleece Quest for Artemis Quest for Daedalus Annabeth Chase (Άνναμπεθ Τσέις in Greek) is one of the main protagonists in the first Camp Half-Blood series.Despite their escape, they were delayed long enough for the pack of monsters pursuing them to catch up.They couldn't outrun them, so Thalia made the ultimate sacrifice; she said she would stay behind so Annabeth, Luke and Grover could make it safely to Half-Blood Hill.Annabeth felt that her step-mom thought that she was a freak, so she ran away from home at age seven because she believed that she was not wanted at home.She then fought monsters with the guidance of her mother, Athena, for a few months, using only a mortal hammer.Her father asked Athena to take Annabeth to Olympus and raise her there but Athena told him that heroes were raised by their mortal parents, and not their godly parent, so he had no choice but to take her in and care for her as well as he could; however, he failed. He and his wife had two kids together, Matthew and Bobby, who Percy meets in The Titan's Curse.Because Annabeth was a demigod, her family was constantly being attacked by monsters, causing constant fighting between Annabeth and her parents, as they felt that she was always putting them in danger.Luke gave Annabeth abronze knife so she would be able to protect herself with something better than a hammer for monster slaying (that bronze knife became "the cursed blade," in the Great Prophecy).Together, they were on the run, fighting monsters and making hideouts on the East coast, like the one Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson used in Jamestown, Virginia.Annabeth was later found by Luke Castellanand Thalia Grace.When they found her, Annabeth hid behind a piece of metal, and then tried to attack them with her hammer, but Luke knocked it out of her hand.


  1. Read The Battle of the Labyrinth - First Kiss from the story Annabeth's Point of View by unicornsrule Miss Awesomeness with 18708 reads. Just write down the scene you wanted to do in the comment box, okay. This is the chapter where Annabeth first kissed Percy, right before he was blasted to Calypso's island. +.

  2. Follow/Fav Percy at Annabeth's school. By. Didn't Percy tell you? He's dating Annabeth," bobby explained. I watched my friends

  3. Apr 15, 2015. Her friends, Jason and Piper, have other plans and decide to set her up on a blind date with Piper's friend, Percy in order to boost her love life. The problem? The date doesn't go that bad. Annabeth isn't ready for a relationship, but she may have an arrangement that can work. Rated Fiction M - English.

  4. The writer of the books, Rick Riordan, was asked in an interview, "Do you feel those who said the main characters, such as Grover and Annabeth, are heroes in their own right?". He answered, "Annabeth is Percy's rational side. She can think through things and look at options that sometimes evade Percy in his moments of.

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