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Dating simulation games for gba

If you ever thought finding a girlfriend is hard, keeping here may be even harder! To do so, you will need to keep her happy, make sure you buy your girlfriend loads of gifts, remember how she looks and remember all the important dates!Instructions You have 6 Action Points (full energy bar) at the beginning of each day.

Play matchmaker to the Sims and watch the sparks fly or fizzle.

All new downtown neighborhoods help you get your Sims out of the house and into the dating scene.

Send your Sims out to a candlelight dinner for two at the swankiest restaurant in town, a risque rendezvous in the park after dark or a wild night cruising the Strip in hopes of getting lucky.

The goal of the game is to win their hearts, and for that you will need to get a job, wear designer clothes and loads of money in your wallet.

This is one of the newest and also one of the most fun dating sim games.


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