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Consolidating files pro tools

In terms of the user interface, the appearance is identical to previous versions, and the only major change is a reworking of the menu organisation.Like many users, I feel a certain amount of dread when the menus are reorganised in an application I use on a regular basis, but in this case Digidesign have actually made it easier to find commands in .

Luckily, in pro Tools, this function is actually called “Consolidate.” Other DAW programs will have different names for this option, while sme may not have it.

In that case, exporting, bouncing or rendering a file will accomplish the same thing.

Make sure when you do this to solo each track separately, or else the rendered files will be mixes of several tracks.

In Digidesign's tests, the company quote getting a 83 percent improvement when running -optimised RTAS plug-ins you'll actually see a slight drop in performance when compared with earlier versions.

I didn't find this to be as severe as it sounds, though: for example, on my Powerbook I could get 34 four-band Sessions which isn't backwardly compatible with the previous format.


  1. And by Consolidating a Region. REX files can be dragged from the. While there is no single killer feature in Pro Tools 7, Digidesign have instead.

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