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Computer dating secrets

That allows intelligence agencies to install special software that allows TVs to be turned into listening devices – so that even when they appear to be switched off, they're actually on.

That's just one of the technologies created by the Embedded Devices Branch, the CIA division at the centre of much of the leaks of new information.

When taken together, those "Vault 7" leaks will make up the biggest intelligence publication in history, Wiki Leaks claimed.

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For years, I’ve recoiled in mock horror upon seeing women sharing their husband’s email addresses.

But then I saw something that shocked me even more.

Wiki Leaks claims that its source handed over the documents in order to provoke a debate about the power of intelligence agencies and how their information should be exposed.Here are six of the biggest secrets and pieces of information yet to emerge from the huge dump.The US intelligence agency has been involved in a concerted effort to write various kinds of malware to spy on just about every piece of electronic equipment that people use.There are 8,378 pages of files, some of which have already been analysed but many of which hasn't.The files are being shared publicly on the Wiki Leaks website and the organisation has encouraged its supporters to keep looking through the documents in the hope of finding more stories.That’s because everyone you contact becomes a member of your network: Most of those people may not profile as “business” or “professional” contacts, per se, but they’re part of your network and thus your professional life.In fact, even if you’re on mat leave, still in college, backpacking, vacationing, parenting, socializing or otherwise wearing your “non-career” hat, the contact you make may influence your future career and business. I wrote this article on common email address mistakes because of a random discovery on Linked In."If the CIA can discover such vulnerabilities so can others." Wiki Leaks noted that those unfixed exploits affected everyone using the equipment, including "the U. Cabinet, Congress, top CEOs, system administrators, security officers and engineers".The documents have still not been looked through entirely.And that's not to mention the other sets of documents that are coming.The "Year Zero" leaks are just the first in a series of "Vault 7" dumps, Julian Assange said.


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